Social Media Changed Partner Portal Strategies

Social Media or the so-called Web 2.0 applications are undoubtedly changing the consumer’s behavior. Channel strategies have to adapt to the dynamic environment created by the Internet’s presence. What are going obsolete? Traditional sales techniques, local sales territories, and named accounts are giving way to virtual customer communities, small but frequent deals, and citing expert opinions. In technology, packaged and complex software needing installations are being replaced by Software as a Service (SaaS), Hardware as a Service (HaaS), cloud computing, and open source technology.

In channel marketing, social media, partner virtual communities, wikis, RSS feeds, Twitter, etc. are in and partner portals, lead generation, and classroom training are heading out. It was only a few year ago when consumers search items on the net to find information on the product but still visit the actual store to buy it. Now, users read blogs, forums, ask friends on their social network and buy the product directly from the website.

Social networking is hardly a new concept. People have been socializing with one another since the Stone Age. What is new, however, is social media. The internet combined with the natural human behavior, socializing, created new forms of communication where people interact in a virtual world. Virtual communities cropped up to provide space to collaborate and communicate. The communities have varied purpose; for business, social, educational activities.

Social Media affects all three level of the channel marketing chain.


Vendors can use social media for brand distribution. Every company even the Fortune 500 ones have a Facebook and Twitter account. Each time they have announcements, they can readily change their status and people who are subscribed to them can view it. What’s even more compelling is that not all members in Twitter and Facebook receive the message, only the subscriber which means that the vendors can reach their target audience and not just blindly market their product to everyone.


Channels can use their blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts to provide additional service to customers. If the customers have questions about a certain product, they can reply right away at no additional cost. It also promotes development through customer advocacy. In keeping the existing customers happy, the customers in turn, will provide a positive review of the product and extra service included. It’s almost like the traditional word-of-mouth marketing, only it is done virtually.


The direct beneficiary of social media is no doubt, the customer. Through their expanded network, there are more sources of credible information especially in product reviews. The customer has increased recognition which means the vendor will have a more comprehensive view of the customers’ needs.

The most important benefit that social media created is the ease and efficiency of communication. In every partnership or relationship, be it vendor-partner, partner-customer, or vendor-customer relationship, the most essential aspect is the ability to communicate problems and solutions.

Vendors must find ways to integrate these Web 2.0 technologies in their partner portals, websites, and customer service centers to improve their product development, channel partnership, and branding; thereby, increasing sales and profit.

Shopping For Local Advertising Media Partners

The nature of some business ventures is such that they can only thrive on local advertising. Take a restaurant, for instance. The people in this line of business would surely expect that most of their clientele is in the locality within which they operate. Therefore if they are to benefit from advertising, they needn’t invest so much in national advertising, as in local advertising that best reaches their prospective clientele. The restaurant is of course only one type of business, for which advertisement has to be localized, if it is to be effective. There are numerous other such businesses.

For the most part, local advertisement is done through media outlets with a local reach. But unlike national (or international) advertising, where it is often easy to make up your mind quite easily on which the best places to advertise are, things are not that straightforward on the local scene.

Here then, are four factors to take into consideration when making a choice of local advertising media outlets you can partner with.

1. The audience: You need to first work out which the particular demographic groups you will be targeting in your advertising campaign are. Where you are targeting all demographic groups, then your best bet would be in the outlets with the widest ‘general population appeal.’ Even where you have a particular target group in mind, the temptation would be go for the outlets with the greatest general appeal, though when you look at the chances of making an impact, the specialized outlets which have that targeted audience would probably be better for you. Ultimately, the worst thing you can do in this regard is, of course, to throw your advertising message where the audience is likely to complete ignore it, on account of its irrelevance to them.

2. Cost: Like every business decision, your local advertising campaign is subject to cost-benefit analysis. You need to be sure that the amount of money you spent on it is an amount that you stand to recoup from the increased business you will get out of all. Thus you may find one very good local media partner, with wide appeal in the demographic groups that make up your target audience, but if their costs don’t make sense (and you are unlikely to recoup them), then you would be advised not to burn your money.

3. Reach: this is closely related to the audience consideration we explored earlier. But the ‘reach’ consideration is wider, because whereas the audience consideration is only ‘qualitative’ – looking at the demographic groups, the ‘reach’ consideration is also quantitative, looking at how many people the chosen media outlet actually gets to, and how far (geographically) its reach is. In this regard, you need to check out the ‘reach’ data from independent sources, and not take as gospel truth what the various media outlets have to say about themselves.

4. Respectability: this is where you want to put out your advertising message through an outlet that is well respected in your target audience, that is, where the message will be treated as ‘authoritative.’ Of course, this is not respectability in the traditional sense; the conservative sense. Rather, it is respectability in terms of how positively the target audience views the media outlet in question. As you come to discover, different groups, for instance the youth and the older folks have different -and often clashing- criteria for what is ‘respectable.

The New Wave of Private Investigator Jobs

A lot of people painstakingly deal with some activities they know nothing about because they do not know who to ask for help. If you are dealing with the following cases, then you should know that a private investigator nyc can help you in these activities, first, if you are solving a case like property damage or accidents and or the persons responsible for them, then a PI can be truly of great help. If you want to safeguard your business’ premises, property, assets, people or even information, then hire a PI since they can best perform the abovementioned needs.

Shop On The Web for Beautiful Properties

Making the decision in becoming a home owner is undoubtedly a little bit distressing. It is a dedication which is now there for quite some time ahead. For that reason, it is important to take into account the wants that one features right this moment in addition to the wants that they’re going to get in the future. Consider exactly how life will probably be a few years ranging from now. As a result, quite simply to get the ideal property. Once it has been determined the kind of residence is going to be best, look at the company website to be able to learn much more about purchasing home of your dreams.

If you want, you may also check out my website. It is a site that gives you the contact info just for this certain real estate professional. It could be astonishing to find out just how simple buying a house can actually end up being. Many people have the blunder connected with convinced that they won’t qualify to acquire your home. In place of assuming that it truly is extremely hard, create an appointment with a agent who is able to examine good info with regards to your background. At this stage, they could offer you more information on what must be dealt with in order to obtain a property. It becomes an remarkable working experience which everybody should be thinking about.

The Stresses Of Buying A Home In This Point In Time

Looking for a residential home is often an incredibly tricky action to take. An individual would like to find the best residential home for themselves and also their own family members, yet in addition they want to get a fantastic residential home for a great price. Properties are usually fairly expensive and it isn’t really strange for potential buyers to make huge financial blunders along the way. When a customer isn’t actually careful, they could wind up blowing thousands of big ones over a horribly produced or perhaps pointless house.

Many consumers will want to look at the sold prices of homes within an place prior to actually thinking about a certain family home. In most cases, the family homes around one another usually are within the same cost range. In the event a certain house you happen to be thinking about is listed as drastically beyond most of its neighbors, this is certainly going to call for justification.

So as to learn more about a residence and the reason it really is priced the way it is a purchaser will likely need to speak to the owner. However, very seldom will a buyer have the ability to consult with the seller face to face. In most cases buyers shall be working with a dealer or skilled realtor. You might have a peek at these guys so as to learn more about how realtors operate.

10 Strategies to Market Your Book Online

There must be 101 ways to market your business book, and you don’t have to wait until you’ve finished it to start. Actually the earlier you begin to promote your book and tell people about it, the more motivated you will be to actually finish it!

There are too many people who wait until their publish date before they do any marketing. Then they wonder why they don’t have the right strategies in place to sell their book, and struggle to use it as an effective marketing tool to generate more clients and get more business.

  • If you don’t have an effective sales funnel in place, if you do sell your book, it won’t lead anywhere.
  • If you don’t have a community of people waiting for your book, then no-one is going to know that it exists.
  • If you just let it sit on Amazon and hope, then writing it will simply be a waste of your time.

Let me give you an overview of some of the online strategies that you can take at various stages of your book’s launch to market it online.

Book pre-launch

1. Tell people you are writing your book before you’ve even started. In the online world, this will probably be via social media or your newsletter list. There’s nothing like someone asking you how your book is going to get you focused. It’s also a great way to tell people how you’re getting on and get feedback from those who are interested in your business topic.
2. Get input from those you tell. Do a survey or find people to interview to get clear about what they want from your book. Some of my clients have found this to be a great way to build their community and reach more people than they may have done without the promise of a book.

3. When you’re clear on your message and what you’re sharing, use social media to share snippets and nuggets from your book and your blog to give some of the key messages. Canva is a great tool to create graphics to promote your book. Just make sure you include your web address with any of your tips.

4. It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway!) that the message on your website needs to be congruent with the message in your book. But it’s also about building a community of people who love what you have to say. Make sure you have an effective lead magnet on your website that enables you to create a list of people interested in your services and your forthcoming book. This will help you to find people who are ready to buy from you. Ideally this lead magnet feeds into your book, thus creating a demand, or you could give away a chapter or two or your book, just like some of my clients.

5. Pre-sell your book via a squeezepage on your website. If you’re worried about generating income whilst writing the book, want to fund publishing, or want to create an immediate buzz, then sell your book now. This is a great way to bring in some income and it certainly gives you the incentive to get it finished.

Book launch

6. Once you’ve published your book, having an Amazon launch is a great way to create a frenzy. There are simple tricks that will help you to have the perfect launch. The secret is to get lots of people helping you to promote it on a particular day and give away great bonuses when people sign up. My first book reached #1 on Amazon by using the particular method that I share with my clients.
7. Even if you don’t do a full Amazon launch, you can tell your list how they can buy your book and a webinar is a great way to get people interested in your message. Sharing some of the key messages, stories and details will help them to buy into what you have to say.

8. Get some great online PR for your book. You can guest blog for complementary business owners, write an article for an online magazine, or share your story with the Huffington Post.

9. Who else do you know who can help you? Ask people or magazines to review your book for you and share with their readers, and also remember to request that people share these reviews on Amazon.

Book post-launch

10. The online marketing for your book is not finished once you’ve launched it. You can continue doing some of the strategies above and ongoing promotion might include webinars, interviews, podcasts, videos or masterclasses, commenting on forums where you can share your expertise, continuing to give great content to your list, and working with joint venture partners to get your message out to more people.

How Career Spouses Can Overcome Sexual Temptations and Harassment at Work

Marriage is one of the happiest happenings in our lives, and marriage creates one the greatest impact in shaping the destiny of an individual. Yes, marriage is sweet, yet it is complex and can create the saddest memorable moments in our lives, if things go wrong.

This is true because marriage is a union of not only two individuals from two different upbringings, cultures, and with different personalities. It requires adapting your essence to that of your partner. It involves a day by day devotion if it is to survive the challenges of life, especially at times when couples have to go out and work to help their family meet up with the challenges of providing bare necessities at home.

But hardly would you find couples working in the same place, at the same time. For many career couples the workplace is not just where they contend with making their professional skills stay ahead of economic and environmental challenges, they must strive to fend off flirtatious advances from the opposite sex.

Most of the time, the workplace is where people look their best. They were the best of their attire – designer suits, fancy ties, pencil skirts, make-ups, imported handbags, and other accessories to keep up with the tempo. They also put up their best attitude. Surely everyone wants to look polished and likeable at the office.

And truly, most couples or people in relationships find or meet themselves during the 8-5 working hours, when their partners look the greatest. If I may ask you, did you meet your partner or got attracted to him/her at night time, or on a Saturday when there are just straight from the bed? I guess not!

This is why for those who are looking for a spouse, the working hours is perhaps the best finding (or if you like hunting) time. But for the married, the 8-5 time possess a lot of challenges or perhaps dangers. Take a woman for instance – she looks very pretty; works all day away from her partner, perhaps in the midst of the opposite; and when it’s time for lunch, she sits at the table with other colleagues – including males – at the canteen.

On the average, career people spend the best of their time in the midst of that “secret admirer” at the office or workplace than with their spouse. We rush home tired, straight to the kitchen and bathroom; catch up with emails and friends on social networks, take dinner and recline into bed with an equally tired spouse perhaps with similar experience at the office.

This daily routine creates avenues for temptations and sexual harassment. As a career person, it is your responsibility to keep your head in spite of these challenges that may arise. It is your responsibility to keep your marriage strong and alive in spite of whatever arrow of enticement that may be thrown at you.

Yes, it is true that your wedding day vow was of remarkable significance; but it is your daily commitment to your marriage alive that matters. It is your determination to keep those vows renewed and kept afresh on a daily basis that will help you stave-off any temptation. This determination is shown in the way we regard each other as a couple and in our commitment to stay devoted to our partner in our dealings with other people.

Here are a few tips to ward off temptations and harassment:

1. Close Every Opening – Defend Yourself:

Some ‘crazy’ and perhaps perverted person at the office may be teasing you and making advances. Yes, he/she is crazy! But your greatest defense to drive away such intrusion and temptation is to ensure there is no vacuum in your to be filled by any strange partner. In other words, maintaining a rewarding and enjoyable marriage which satisfies the sexual needs of both you and your spouse is key to fighting the lure of going into an affair.

If you and your spouse are missing something in your sex and romance life, please go light the candles again and ignite a fresh fire. Note that, when a woman is on fire for her spouse, no other fire can quench her love.

A wife who is happy and sexually satisfied is known gait in her. This is why the Bible says, ‘The heart of her husband trust in her confidently and relies on and believes in her securely, so that he has no lack of (honest) gain or need of (dishonest) spoil: (Proverbs 31:11, AMP)

2. Stop Any Form of Intimacy With The Opposite Sex:

Yielding to sexual temptations that leads to infidelity does not come over night. There is always a beginning. And it usually starts from the moment when a married person starts sharing intimate personal issues repeatedly with a colleague of the opposite sex, instead of confiding in their own spouses.

That “nice” listening ear which is ever open to you could soon become a shoulder to lean on, and a bosom to lie on. People are bound to make mistake and feelings of intimacy and emotions are sometimes uncontrollable.

Without mincing words, any intimate association with the opposite sex is an extremely dangerous risk. Besides, it denies your spouse and marriage useful devotion; concentrated attention, time, energy and perhaps sincerity.

Please note that, if you have developed feelings of loneliness, rejection or anger towards your spouse whereas you are ever excited about seeing the “nice” person you constantly confide in, then your fall is approaching. Therefore flee!

3. Be Open With Your Spouse About Your Sexual Desire:

The cause of failure many career marriages is simply poor communication between spouses. Many people assume their partner’s sex needs would be the same as theirs. But this is always wrong. Don’t always expect your spouse to think like you or expect him/her to always know what the other wants without first opening up.

This is wrong and dangerous. It makes one vulnerable to temptation.

When one partner’s sex needs are not met or they feel they don’t get enough of attention, yet the other spouse thinks everything is great and pays no pay attention, the needy partner may easily be lured by someone at the workplace.

Rather than seek support from somebody outside your marriage, which will inevitably lead to infidelity, sit your spouse down and talk with them heart-to-heart. Tell them what you need and how you want. At least you are married.

An unhappy sex life is at home makes a married person more open to temptations and sexual advances from others. This is an unfortunate reality which couples must accept. It is therefore imperative that spouses create quality time for romance and sex, and they must be open to communicate and share their sexual needs to their partners.

4. Define And Set Boundaries To Other Relationships:

An effective way to avoid flirtatious advances at the workplace and avoid unnecessary exposure to sexual temptation and harassment is to define what limits you could expose yourselves to as career spouses.

I recommend as a rule, an essential limit should be to avoid going to lunch or dinner alone with a colleague or associate of the opposite sex. Consuming alcoholic drinks or stimulating foods when your spouse is not present should be completely avoided under any circumstance.

Note that, what you consider as just a meal at lunch time could mean more to your colleague of the opposite sex. This is why seemingly insignificant everyday situations such business trips, official dinners, business parties, field work with team members at the office and other workplace setting are potential opportunities for temptations.

The best precaution would be to avoid any compromising situations that may encourage temptations even if not intended. Don’t worry about what your colleagues may think about your boundaries. It is better to let them know it is your choice and that you and your partner are devoted to keeping your marriage safe.

Besides, is it not better and easier to have these boundaries than contending with a spouse that is suspicious of you? A broken relationship at work is not the same as a broken home. Be wise!

5. Report Advances And Threats To Your Spouse From The Onset:

A lot of people are not strong enough to face intimidation or sexual harassment especially if it comes from a boss or someone who wields authority over them.

With the emergence of new trends in information technology and the use of Internet and smartphones, a lot of sexual harassment now takes place online and via social media. This is called cyber-stalking or cyber-harassment. Here the person been harassed is sent sexually explicit or suggestive messages, photos or videos to either intimidate them or manipulate them to act in a certain way.

If you are ever in this situation, don’t face the challenge alone. If you feel you are threatened by anyone at the workplace, let each other know because such situation could go in a direction which you may not be to handle.

Talking with your spouse about ways to protect your marriage and keeping it strong will help you gain strength and confidence to say no to any prowler. It will help you bolt your heart from amorous and sexual advances. It will keep you safe in case blackmail arises when you say “no” to the strange fellow.

It will also build trust in your home. Remember, trust is that thread which binds marriages together.

I guess by now you should know that marriage is not a bed of roses neither is it sweet romance all the way. Issues will always arise to threaten the peace in your home. But with forbearance and commitment, you would always overcome.

Yes, there are indeed several ways to resolve marital issues, and yielding to sexual temptations is certainly not one of them. If you let yourself fall for the prodding of a strange partner because of lack of attention or commitment from your spouse, that shows too you are not committed to your marriage.

Don’t give-in to temptation. Stand up and fight!

How To Choose The Right Digital Agency To Hire

Nowadays, almost all people start and end their day and night by logging onto the Internet. Whether you use the Internet for your work or for business purposes or for personal reasons, there can be no denying the fact that millions of people log onto the World Wide Web daily.

Because of this fact, business owners need to make their presence in the digital world known and felt. One of the best ways they can achieve this goal is to get help from a digital agency. A digital agency helps companies make the most of the Internet and increase their business and profitability online. They do this through a variety of solutions and services that include website design and development, e-commerce setup, digital advertising, social media marketing, mobile app development and graphic design.

If you are choosing to rely on a digital agency to achieve a boost in your brand’s online presence, it is essential that you select the right company to hire. Below are some tips you can follow to make sure you will choose the right digital agency to work with:

Identify the scope of your project. Have a rough idea of the scope of your digital project. This scope should include your company’s marketing or operational goal, the working budget, the target launch date, and the basic technological requirements such as web platform or server requirements.

Do your research. Take some time to look around and know more about the digital agencies in your area. Use the Internet to search for such companies or scout around for referrals. When you already have a list of potential partners, compare their websites, work portfolio, and their social media accounts.

Interview your shortlisted agencies. Once you have shortlisted your potential digital partner, interview them. If possible, meet the company’s representatives at their office. Meeting the company’s representative in person will allow you to really understand who is behind the proposal rather than just looking at the costs. During the interview, find out three pieces of key information: do they have the technical and creative capabilities to handle your project; is your budget compatible with their rates, and; do they have the bandwidth to accommodate your deadline?

Finally, learn about the company’s project management and production process. Choose an agency with a dedicated project manager. This because your project manager is often your internal advocate: he or she will make sure your project stays on budget, on schedule and meets your creative vision. Regarding the production process, it should be very clear and should include key benchmarks such as “site architecture approved,” “beta site submitted for review” and “design comps delivered”.

Website Promotion Without The Headache

If you are busy building tons of backlinks, worried about your keywords and pulling your hair out about SEO, shaking in your boots about thousands of competitive websites, and crying in your sleep over Google updates. Then you are not alone.

If that is you and you really are worried about any or all of the above, then I am here to say this, do not ever rely on any other company, website or search engine to get you results.

Terms Change
Over time, terms always change and if you do not keep up with those changes you may well fall by the wayside and lose customers, readers and ultimately money. Only if you are relying on those very websites for traffic.

New and Unique Content
All websites and blogs are crying out for new and unique content all the time. Google is a company just like any other and they want to offer the best and most relevant and unique content to give to their users. If it’s old and perhaps outdated content then that web page will ultimately end up not being ranked

Outdated Websites.
If your website looks a little outdated, then this will turn people off and they may leave without even reading what you have to say. The obvious answer to that is to keep your website looking current and new.

To keep up with all the changes and updates you will find yourself spending more time worrying about things like SEO and keywords along with the content you are trying to write.

This is an extra worry. Because in two or three years time it all starts over again. They make some change and you have to check your content, your keywords and a whole host of other stuff they now expect of you!

What can we do to combat this and stop worrying what they expect?

The first solution is to not rely on them. Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket, a good cliché that you should remember.

Do not only rely on Google’s PR system to get you traffic. Or any of the other stuff that is relevant right now.

Instead think outside the box. Here are a few alternatives you can think about.

Magazine and Newspaper Promotion.
Is the internet the only place you can advertise your services? Have you ever thought of looking in real magazines or newspapers for promotion? Picking the right magazine which is relevant to your business is imperative.

Email Lists.
Look into getting your business promoted using ezine publishers lists. A lot of ezine lists are always looking for content to send to their subscribers. Contact them and offer to write some content for them, promoting your website at the end of the article.

Forum Marketing.
There are some internet marketers who make a killing by only promoting their products and services using forums. This one is not a quick fix, you will have to spend a lot of time there using the forum before you are trusted by other users.

Partner with Someone.
You can partner with another business who is in the same niche as your own and cross promote each others products. How about building a joint venture product to offer to both of your existing customers. This can yield you very good results.

Of course it goes without saying the PPC will give you the fastest results, but Google is not the only place to advertise your wears. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and even YouTube are great alternatives.

I am not trying to convey that using SEO or Keywords is unimportant, what I am trying to say is don’t worry so much about it and concentrate your efforts on what you do best, not what other companies want you to do.

Give your readers the best experience you can and they will come back for more.

The 5 P’s Of Marketing Your Social Sector Organization

If you want to succeed with your social sector organization, that means you have to dominate. Countless nonprofits and social enterprise organizations are just getting by. Forget about operating with budgets of $1 million. A great deal of nonprofits run with budgets of only $75,000.

In this time of great change, there is an absolute need for more nonprofits and social enterprises to go big. I always say leaders need to go big with vision. But we also need to get organizations to grow large so they can make a broader impact. That means we have to get more social sector leaders to understand and want to “dominate the space.” I recently wrote about dominating in the industry, and why your organization should be looking to do that.

An important way to begin the process of dominating the space is with a deep understanding of what your organization does. The classic four P’s of marketing help to define that for you with: product, place, price and promotion. I believe in 5 P’s because I think, especially in this day and age, that people play a large part in your success. Followers and supporters are sophisticated these days and no one wants to be sold to.

To that end, if you’re a social sector leader or marketer, consider going through these questions around the 5 P’s with your team. You should be able to answer all of these questions, and more, to effectively market your organization. When you’re good at marketing, you’re raising your nonprofit’s brand. And, when more people get to know about you, the money and growth can begin. How is your organization branded? In other words, beyond your organization’s name, when a donor or supporter hears your name or sees your logo, what do they think? What images does it invoke in them?

  • How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? We know there are likely others doing what you do. What makes your organization unique and different from anyone else addressing a similar issue?
  • What do your donors want to see in the implementation of your mission that will move him or her to want to support your organization? So, for instance, what metrics and results do donors want to see? What impact is your organization making in society?
  • Within, that framework, what need does it satisfy within the donor? Remember, individual donors will tend to support your organization because it provides a certain emotional satisfaction. Perhaps they’re cancer survivors who support your charity addressing the eradication of the disease. Maybe they’re parents who believe in an excellent quality of education for all children. Or, they might be professionals who believe in a highly educated workforce.
  • How can your donors experience your work? How can they engage with it? We know that it’s important to get people involved in the cause. The best way is to allow donors and prospective supporters to see your work in action.
  • Place

    • Where can those who need your service find you? Also, where can donors and others who are looking to support an organization such as yours find you? How about others who want to partner with you; how do they find you? Do you have an office? Social media? Do you collaborate with local partners who refer you?
    • Do you have community engagement staff?
    • If you engage with your local community, how do you accomplish this? Do you have events? Do your staff members attend local conferences or trade association meetings?
      What is the per capita cost to deliver your programs?
    • What are your program costs?
    • What are your operating costs?
    • For donors and supporters, if they become involved, do you have a giving or membership levels?
    • If so, what are the benefits of being a supporter?
    • What amount qualifies someone as a major donor?
    • Do you ask your donors to become sustaining donors on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis by contributing a certain dollar amount?
    • What do you do around donations as compared to other social sector organizations in your neighborhood, particularly those who are doing similar work to you?
    • Where do you promote to supporters and donors? Do you reach out and market to them on your website, through a blog, advertising, media, direct response, social media, etc.?
    • How often do you market to those who need your services?
    • How often do you promote to prospects and your current donors and supporters?
    • Do you have targeted campaigns that take advantage of, for instance, the holiday season when most people give to charity?
    • Do you know how your competitors market their organization and when? How does your organization compare?


    • How is your organization engaging with its supporters?
    • How are you getting your donors involved with your brand?
    • What tools have you provided your champions to help you promote your brand?
    • What messages do you give your donors and activists to share with their circles of influence?
    • How do you measure supporter involvement with your organization?
    • How do you show your champions-on a regular basis-that you value their support?